Monday, July 19, 2010

Lyons likes Hudson

Here's a story from the MetroWest Daily News about our former Superintendent of Schools, Kevin Lyons.


Anonymous said...

Good detective work Gillian.

I especially like the quote: "I've never worked with a staff more committed than this one," Lyons said. "I was right in my gut when I thought it would be the right fit."

I guess Newburyport's staff wasn't that committed.

Good luck to Dr. Lyons.

Ed Cameron

Clipper89 said...

I bet he'd also say he never met a more committed group of parents than in Hudson. As a parent who ran afoul of Lyons, I'm not surprised. He cut off anyone who opposed him and sweet talked those who didn't. He played us for three years, saying this was his long-term spot and that he had a long term plan to improve the schools. In fact, he left for more money, like all supts do. The school committee, which blindly followed him during his decimation of the Brown and Kelley schools, looked like fools when he blindsided them by leaving.