Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What can it all mean?

I was standing at the meat counter in a local market recently and there was a tray of short cut steaks with only 2 pieces of meat left on it.

It reminded me of what the owner of Fowle's Market told me recently - that people don't buy the last of any food on a tray, in a bin, or anywhere else.

It's just human nature, I guess; except I bought both pieces and remarked that I was doing so because nobody else was going to do it ... (the guy behind the counter had apparently never noticed this trend in his customers).

So you have to wonder what this means, if it means anything, along with why the Fowle's guy's wine sales went up after he bought wine racks (as opposed to having the wine on shelves).

Do I need a diagnostic manual to decipher this bizarre behavior? Obviously, I'm no good at marketing ...

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Ari Herzog said...

For meat and other perishables, it makes sense: I want to eat something fresh, not something sitting for an unknown period of time. It's like pizza slices; I'd prefer a fresh pie than slices from an older pie.

It's different with dessert and pastries in a bakery; the last piece tells me it was popular and I want it.