Monday, July 12, 2010

Next City Council meeting

Ah ... I remember last year trying to park for the second July meeting of the City Council, which was during Yankee Homecoming.

I had to park all the way up by Kelley School ... which cost me about 5 mins. of walking, if that.

So the next City Council meeting will be on July 22, which is when the mayor has called a meeting with the Council for 7:30 p.m. about water (don't know what about water, yet).

All because of Yankee Homecoming!


Ari Herzog said...

What about water, you ask. The meeting is about a proposed water plant rehabilitation with representatives from AECOM, scheduled at the mayor's request.

Tom Salemi said...

water plants? you mean like lilly pads? Are we going to pay for the rehab of some drug-addled aquatic flora? With MY TAX DOLLARS!?

Anonymous said...

drug-addled aquatic that's a band name.

Ed Cameron

Dan Sweeney said...

Ah......AECOM IS a WATER Department bill, not a Sewer Department bill as the Acting Assistant Deputy Dorector stated it was. Could not figure that one out! Thanks Ari!