Monday, July 5, 2010

Holy crap!

This is the way to win over a man ... arrange to have 4 fighter jets fly over your house while he's there ...

Nah, seriously though, what were the odds that last night Mr. Y and I would both be at windows in my house when 4 fighter jets flew over Plum Island?

I think we simultaneously screamed, "Holy shit!"

They came right over the house! Mr. Y said they were only about 500 feet above the ground. After they flew over the house (in tight formation), they banked left at the river.

I think they were the same 4 jets that flew over the Esplanade for the Pops concert ... (oh, of course they were) ... it was awesome.


Dick Monahan said...

Unless they were violating the rules, they were 1000 feet above the highest obstacle within 2000 feet. (That would be the lighthouse?)

Gillian Swart said...

I am really, really bad at judging distances, but they were way lower than they were at the Esplanade. I was relying on Mr. Y's superior (to mine) capabilities in judging how high up they were flying.

And yes, I guess that would be the lighthouse ... except I have no idea how far I am from the lighthouse! ... and the lighthouse isn't that tall, while there are some pretty tall houses out here now ...

But I think they were as low as that USCG jet was, when they were searching for that poor girl that drowned.