Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mayor pulls landfill agreement off table

Mayor John Moak did not ask the City Council to consider the proposed agreement with New Ventures at last night's meeting.

Councillor Brian Derrivan told his fellows that it is "time to move forward in light of the DEP and AG's office showing some life."

I saw an email in the chain of emails that are sent around regularly by residents near the landfill to complain about the smell. This one was different - it was from a business on Graf Road (in the industrial park).

I think this is the first time I've seen a complaint by a business. This is even more serious because the city has been trying to lure companies to relocate their corporate headquarters into the industrial park.

Also, the DEP on Nov. 28 cited New Ventures for 12 more violations at the landfill. DEP Chief John Carrigan in his letter to NV attorney Chip Nylen said that he visited the site on Nov. 26 and the landfill gas collection and treatment system was not operational.

The AG's office has also filed for an expedited contempt trial (it was scheduled to begin April 23, 2009) because it says in part that New Ventures is causing damages to the environment that cannot wait five months to be addressed.

The Commonwealth is asking that the trial be scheduled for January. The motion was filed Nov. 26 and NV had 10 days to serve opposition to the motion ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.


Bubba said...

"This is even more serious because the city has been trying to lure companies to relocate their corporate headquarters into the industrial park."

I don't consider allowing oil storage as a use in the area zoned for Corp Headquarters as a serious attempt to lure such businesses.

Gillian Swart said...

I suppose, Bubba, you're referring to Germinara Oil Co. I think the fact that they are taking the biofuel route might have factored into that decision ...

Bubba said...

No, I watched the debate on TV and it wasn't mentioned. No Corp HQ is going to locate in a district where a new oil storage or dry cleaning factory can build. The more progressive councillors were clearly irritated by the amendment.

Gillian Swart said...

Well - I was actually in the room, taking notes, and I seem to remember a mention of biofuel (it's the way I even know about it). I could be wrong about it influencing anyone's vote, however.

That part of the park is not particularly attractive anyway (not that any of it is that stunningly attractive). If the train station wasn't right there, I think it would be a total loss; but I think the station trumps Germinara.

And, after all, it is an INDUSTRIAl park. Plus, that was a year ago, and I haven't noticed any dry cleaners opening up - or, for that matter, Germinara expanding.

So I'm sorry I even mentioned it.

bubba said...

Right, but that's the part they zoned for Corp HQs. It doesn't matter whether there's any planned expansion, the ordinance allows for such uses.

As I remember it, Mr Jones and "the bubbas" voted for the amendment in deference to an existing taxpayer - overriding the professional planners who wrote it.

PS Your being in the room doesn't trump my TV viewing. Now I'm sorry I mentioned it.

Gillian Swart said...

Yeah, I was being unnecessarily snarky.

You're right that if they zoned it for corporate HQs, they should make it attractive to corporations.

But Germinara was already there when they did that zoning, and I'm kind of in support of helping local businesses expand.

This reminds me of letting people build condos right up against the park where they shoot off the fireworks and thereby making the park a no fireworks zone.

I'm assuming that dry cleaners means the actual place where they do the cleaning and not just a store? I never really thought about how a dry cleaning business operates.

bubba said...

No worries, I'm sure the next generation will be able to teleport to their good paying jobs in some far off location.

Gillian Swart said...

Like Mars?

Bubba said...

India is more likely - at least for the next generation - that is until "Universalization" kicks in and we can pay other life forms lower wages. Perhaps we should move the auto companies to Uranus as part of the bailout.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up.

Everett's Board of Alderman, on Monday Dec 22nd will be ordering the city's Board of Health to place a Cease and Desist Order on Wood Waste/Thibeault.

Also, at that same meeting, the mayor, will be presenting a consent order to allow Wood Waste to move his piles to another location in Everett, to be shipped out by rail to the mid west.

The residents are against this. Wood Waste will then be operating out of two sites in Everett.

If the consent order passes, it would take off the table Wood Waste trucking the debris to Crow Lane for the immediate future.

I will update you after the meeting on Monday.