Wednesday, December 10, 2008

City warning via Reverse 911

I received today (Wednesday) a Reverse 911 call telling me that an update for the "Plum Island situation" could be found on the city's website.

I checked the site, and lo and behold, there was a whole memo from the mayor talking about breaches of dunes and interruptions in water and sewer service.

Residents are asked to plan accordingly, considering that it will be necessary for the breach to be repaired before infrastructure repairs can take place.

No water and no sewer, you say? Wow. I guess my neighbor who refuses to be hooked up to the system knows what he's doing. And we've had the system over here for ... what? ... all of 6 months.

Actually, I'm not sure what effect a breach would have on the sewer system over here on this side of the island. I'm not familiar enough with how the vacuum system works - whether we are on a separate sucking section or whether is all one big suck. (Hey, if you heard it in your bathroom every day, you'd describe it as a "suck" as well.)

I'm also guessing that "vehicular access" won't be an issue over here - unless, of course, the ocean comes rushing across the basin, which is really shallow because of the increased sediment. In that case, we may be under water. Vehicular access really won't be an issue.

Astronomical high tides tomorrow, folks. I won't be here for most of the day. I'm praying I will be able to get back home tomorrow afternoon ...


Anonymous said...

Dearest blogger Jillian,

I shall endeavor to obtain the use of my friend's inflatable Zodiac boat complete with outboard motor should the breach occur and you need rescuing.

It seems prudent to live more than several feet above sea level in these modern times. My brother Asad (who in Pakistan is also my cousin due to local customs the likes of which are not seen here in this Grand Old USA) is a classically trained physicist and therefore really truly understands what the climatologists and Al Gore say about the Global Warming. He is the one who suggested the purchase of our apartment building take place on a high hill rather than on a bunch of dunes given the highly-fancified name of 'island'.

- Mahatma Kote

Bubba said...

Yikes - time to order a porta potty.

PS - I thought this was all just the imagination of some rich people ?