Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a mention

I meant to write yesterday about the bizarre situations I encountered while driving into town: 2 separate traffic accidents.

The first was right around the corner from me, on Old Point Road. Don't see many accidents out here (on this side of the island). This one involved a sedan and a truck towing a trailer filled with firewood.

As a point, the only people who speed/drive recklessly around here are commercial entities. I'm not sure that's what happened here because it looked as if the sedan rear-ended the truck/trailer.

The second accident looked more serious and was on the curve near that clam shack on Water St. You know, the curve a lot of people claim is not dangerous.

Shit happens, but as someone who drives that curve nearly every day, it's a bitch. People coming from the direction of town frequently feel the need to take the curve in a wide arc. Maybe it's the presence of that small hill there on the right. What they fail to realize is that for the oncoming traffic, the presence of the river there on the right is much more daunting.

The good thing is, nobody ended up in the river. Someone did end up in an ambulance, however.

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