Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To every thing ...

According to NECN, the rescue effort has been called off and the search for Marina Kohn, missing on the Merrimack River, is now a recovery effort. So that explains why the helicopter is gone, I guess.

When I was young, the nephew of our neighbor drowned in the lake we lived on (he was visiting), in Michigan ... he was about 18, I think. He went fishing in a rowboat and a sudden thunderstorm capsized the boat.

He could not swim.

When I was a little girl in Barbados, I spent most of my life in the ocean, but we lived on the calm, Caribbean side of the island. As macsurf said in this comment to another post and as sds said last night, you need to have respect and understand what you're up against.

I think that no amount of signs will help. I think you need to have grown up around the water and have been told and told and told ... and even then, you can still be a victim.

I don't usually pray, but I will say a little prayer for Marina Kohn, just in case ...


Bella said...

I was almost a drowning victim as a child. I could not swim and I was in the Pow Wow River. I was told I could walk in a litte and it would be safe! I did so and there was a drop off in the river and I was over my head in water! My neighbor saved me! My sister knew how to swim and never walked in the water , so she did not know there were any drop offs! So you should never tell a nonswimmer it is safe to walk in the river as you have no idea what hidden in the water! If my neigbhor was not at home , I would had drowned and may had drowned my sister while she tried to save me!
It is really sad that someone dies.

Anonymous said...

I will only say this: the Merrimack River is prime example of the old saying 'Mother Nature bats last".

- The Carrot