Friday, May 7, 2010

Another warning

Two people I know in the last 3 days or so have had some sort of electronic device stolen from their cars.

Both of the cars were left unlocked. This is something I'm guilty of myself, but then, I have no portable electronic devices that I carry around with me.

The second person told me yesterday that when she called the police, they told her she was the third person that day who had called in such a report. She lives on Lime St.

Which is kind of funny, in a small way, because earlier yesterday, a native was telling me that people used to call Lime St. "Slime St."


Anonymous said...

I keep telling people Lime Street is a high crime zone, but nobody listens...

- The Carrot

macsurf said...

Gillian, all of Newburyport used to be "Slime Street".

In the 70's, my parents would drop us off the old Port Cinema, which is now the old Fitness Factory, during the summer when we are at the beach house at Seabrook, and be outside the door EXACTLY when the movie let out, because we were not allowed downtown at all.

Once I got my license, if my parents found out I was in Nbpt or, God really forbid, out on Plum Island with the family car, I was grounded for the entire summer.

But, as the 1970's turned into the early 1980's and artists and bohemians moved to town, pre the train and pre the bourgeois bohemian invasions, because rents were so cheap, things began to turn around.

If you want to talk to a business owner who's lived through the transformation of Nbpt being truly bohemian to upscale, faux green, nouveau riche, "bourgeois bohemian", someone like Richie Osborne at Dyno Racords, and a small group other long term survivors are who you should talk to.

Newburyport, once truly a funky bohemian place, sadly, is more "Stepfordesque"than it is anything else.

Anonymous said...


Things change...but I still miss talking to Russell Mingo outside of the Richdales on High Street and honest-to-God fishing boats at the waterfront, and the old cramped Starboard Galley, and Jake's, and...

- The Carrot