Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fan mail from some flounder

Ah, just when I was taking my fishing pole down from the rafters for its yearly cleaning, I hear about this.

Locals are enjoying the start of an early season for fishing, but most anglers' understanding of a new federal law requiring saltwater recreational fishermen to register with the federal government for the first time is tangled, at best.

Under rules set forth by the The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, anglers across the country must register for a permit this year in order to do any saltwater fishing. Previously, there was no license or permit required for saltwater fishing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. (Daily News)

No, no, no I say. It's OK to make people register to fish, but another fee (the fee part starts next year)? You all know how I feel about fees on things that have the most impact on poor people ... which in most senses includes me.

Next the government will be telling me I need a paid permit to garden because home gardens are increasing in popularity due to the high cost of pesticide-laden veggies - and the government needs to keep track of soybean production or something.

Lay off the poor people.


Dick Monahan said...

Yet another layer of government bureaucracy for no good reason. Of course, the reason for the fee is to pay for the enforcement of the unnecessary permit law.

I don't fish and I think this is dumb.

Before anyone yells about the doings of the current administration, please note this was developed by the previous one. It would be nice if the current one would kill it, but they have more important things to worry about.

James Shanley said...

I just registered and got my permit number. The whole process took about a minute.

I do fish, and have fished in other states that require the purchase of a saltwater license, such as South Carolina and Florida. Both of these states have very robust recreational fishing economies.

After registering, I received an email from NOAA thanking me for registering, and informing me that I had joined 12 million others in doing so.