Friday, October 15, 2010

Not everything works, everywhere

Add this to the Karp-related stuff that's been in the media of late.

I see over on Newburyport Posts that Mr. S. is touting NRA plans to possibly develop the land they are in charge of ... wowzie. Well, that was the NRA's primary purpose.

(For those of you non-residents, NRA stands for Newburyport Redevelopment Authority, not the National Rifle Association ... although it might be very exciting if the latter were trying to develop something here ...)

Just a note because although I was told this by Mayor Donna Holaday, I don't think I've written in anywhere ... Karp & Co. can't make a hotel work in their business plan because it could not sustain itself over the winter.

Just a thought - not everything works, everywhere.

I was at a meeting the other day where people were talking about Plymouth, MA, and its parking plan. They only have paid parking for 9 months of the year, but they make substantial money from parking.

But then, they have the Rock.

Walking about looking at historic buildings, boating and walking on the beach are summer activities and all told, you can do Newburyport in a day.

Now Boston ... as someone who was a frequent tourist to Boston before I moved there, places like Gloucester and Newburyport were day trips.


Anonymous said...

thank you gillian, that's what locals have been saying for years. Newburyport, as beautiful as it is, isn't much of a vacation spot. state street is essentially a square block's worth of shops, and a 5 minute walk to circumnavigate. the tannery is great, but it's not a shopping destination and never will be. the beach and the history are wonderful, but aren't more than day trips. that is the reason people didn't understand the desire for a hotel in the past, and the fear they had when karp proposed it, they assumed he'd have to develop newburyport into a tourist trap to convince people to stay in his hotel for more than a couple of nights, and that isn't what locals want.

SJS said...

Another reason for great restaurants. Gloucester has Duckworth Bistro, Alchemy, the Franklin, and several other truly notable places to eat. Food tours are one of the waves of the current moment. And yet another reason why Food Biz is important to N'port...