Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome (me) to the South End

Blogger really should have subtitles, so I could have added, "A canoe or kayak on every vehicle."

Not only has my car been hit twice since I moved so it looks even junkier than it did before, it also really stands out because it does not have a boat perched on the top of it.

What's the deal with this? It's too much trouble to take the boat/canoe down, so people drive around with it still affixed to the car/SUV?

I lived out on the island for 6 yrs. and I never saw so many small craft as I do zipping down the streets of the South End.

The second hit on my car is worth of a separate post because it was so funny, in retrospect. Maybe in another few weeks ...

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Kathy Heywood said...

You'll have to give me your address so I can send you something nice. Maybe an award for being a Teddy Bear Judge? That was tough! You all did a great job, tho!
How far are you from the Brown School? I used to live on the corner apartment building of Horton and Lime when I was a baby. Then we moved to Carter St in 1960.

Kathy H