Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The scoop on the accident

So ... I'm driving along this street in Malden, on the way to my sister's house ... Glenwood St., to be exact. A straight shot with only 2 stops, at its beginning and at its end.

I noticed this green SUV stopped at a stop sign on a side street, on the right. He was stopped, but then he decided to GO.

So I hit him.

After impact, I noticed that he was yelling at me (which seemed strange to me, given the circumstances).

We pulled off Glenwood, and he jumped out of his SUV and screamed, "You hit me!"

I replied that yes, I had hit him, but only because he had pulled out in front of me.

He informed me - in angry tones - that he had stopped, looked both ways, and had not seen me coming. He claimed that I had "materialized" out of nowhere. He kept saying that.

(My dad said I should have replied, "Yes, I do that.")

Well, Mr. Y, who was in my car, had to intervene, but the guy (a postal worker all dressed up in his postal duds) did not want to discuss things with Mr. Y, who kept insisting that it was HIM (the other driver) who had the obligation to stop, not I, and that claiming he had not seen me (and therefore it was my fault) was not a valid argument.

Then the guy who had been driving behind me showed up at my window and backed up everything - and the other driver started arguing with HIM about how he had not seen me, I'd materialized, etc.

I have to remember to tell Scottie not to beam me down again when there's the possibility that someone will pull out in front of me because they didn't see me.

I only got some scrapes on my front right fender, which match the scrapes on my left front fender from where someone side swiped my car while it was parked in front of the house.

And thus, my semi-crappy year continues. I have to say "semi" because, so far, I have not been injured or killed. Just my kitty was injured/died or killed.

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