Saturday, December 18, 2010

And another thing

I went to the McDonald's around the corner here, on my way up to Newburyport.

I got my usual medium latte. When I lived in Newburyport, it was always a small latte at Dunkin' but hey, I need all the help I can get these days.

They gave it to me for *free*. I mean, they actually GAVE it to me.

Now that I have returned to the house, I see we got a whole page of coupons for stuff at McDonald's (excluding a Happy Meal, I note). The free latte coupon is for a small.

And I said to my brother-in-law, "Wow, I never got anything like this in Newburyport." He said they get them all the time.

Ah, Gloucester, I'm starting to really, really like you.


macsurf said...

Gillian, all the silliness aside, I'm telling you, Gloucester is a genuine community in which people of all ethnicities and soci economic backgrounds have lived for generations.

Newburyport was once that kind of place, but once the obnoxious gentrification started and the train arrived, it became largely a bourgeois bohemian, nouveau riche and Stepfordesque, bedroom community of Boston.

Gloucester has it ALL OVER Newburyport in SO MANY ways.

If you stick around, you;ll learn I'm right on.

Hve you visted Lanesville, the Fort, Annisquam, or West Gloucester? If not, you should.

I owned a house in Lanesville, and Lanesville is one kick ass, cool neighborhood.

Almost as cool as Playa Cocles here on the Caribbean but for different reasons and qualities

Manager said...

Not everyone in Newburyport has that mentality. I am a 3rd generation native Newburyporter, and proud of my heritage. I find the interlopers are all "me me me"'s all about what I want, how I look, what is good for MY kids, etc etc. some are racists, but no, the local paper will not point that out. Bad Karma has a way of coming back on ya.....
I won't let them get me down.

Michelle said...

The blogosphere can sometimes be a close-minded little world.

Tom Salemi said...


I'm a huge Gloucester fan. Had the pleasure of spending a winter in Annisquam and tried to buy a house years ago there but didn't work out. (Price was a HUGE issue.)

But I love Newburyport too. I don't see why we have to crack on one community at the expense of another.

I'm a bit tired of hearing about how obnoxious we newcomers are and the peaches-and-cream life that existed before we arrived.

Don't blame us for buying a house and trying to build a life here. Blame the former "good guy" long-time resident for selling it to us.

And Merry Christmas to all.

Gillian Swart said...

Well ... having hung around for several months w/Townie types of a certain mentality, I'm not too sure how "peaches-and-cream" it could have been. yikes