Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And on a more personal note

I fell down twice at the community garden and hurt my knee both times.

Did I tell you about the first time? -- I fell down the hill and twisted my left knee and it was all swollen, but that was a while ago now.

Then I slipped on the ramp coming out of the shed in the rain and hurt the same knee again, only not quite as bad ... or badly ...

Anyway, since I was wearing the same pair of rubber shoes both times, the shoes are now history. I loved my pink Crocs so kept wearing them in spite of the tread being worn down and them getting all dirty from the garden ...

And, oh, the graphic display on my laptop went wonky again, but thanks to a certain Mr. Y (I would have made him "X," but I thought it would be confusing with the former blogger), it's all fixed. He fixed it in less time than the duration of yesterday night's City Council meeting (I know this because I dropped it off before the meeting, and it was fixed before the meeting was over since I believe I arrived back at his house before the meeting was over).


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